About Healthy Choice

Since 1989, Healthy Choice has had one goal: to give people a healthy option that's as delicious as it is easy to prepare. And while many other brands have come and gone, Healthy Choice remains an innovative leader that continues to help define what eating healthy means today.

Healthy Meets Delicious

Our chefs work tirelessly to create surprising and inspired dishes that help you live a healthy lifestyle. Unique dishes full of gourmet flavors and fresh ingredients, each prepared to make every meal just as enjoyable as the feeling you're left with after.

Our Standards

In the very beginning, Healthy Choice worked with the FDA to help first define what it means to have "healthy" in a product's name. Since then, we've rigorously created only products that qualify within these guidelines for fat, saturated fat, cholesterol and sodium, and remain the only major brand in the frozen meals section that can proudly call all of its food "healthy." We've also extended our product line beyond frozen foods, introducing shelf-stable items like Lunch Express and Soups.

To help show you the difference this health-conscious approach to good eating has made, here's a chart illustrating the results of a study that was conducted comparing Healthy Choice single serving meals to the average American's lunch and dinner. We're pleased to say it speaks for itself.

Healthy Choice Single Serving Meals vs. Average Lunch and Dinner

278 vs 633 Calories 518 vs 1380 Milligrams of Sodium 1.6 vs 8.4 Grams of Saturated Fat
Healthy Choice

Average = NHANES 09-10 Lunch and Dinner, Age 40-49 yr., Males & Females

Our History

When former CEO Mike Harper suffered a heart attack in 1985, forcing him to dramatically alter his diet, he began seeking healthier alternatives. This ultimately led to his idea for a line of delicious and healthy frozen foods that would help make it easier for people to live a healthier lifestyle. And after teaming with the FDA to create a set of standards that all foods must meet in order to be called "healthy," Healthy Choice was born.

Since then, the brand has pioneered a long list of delicious products and continues to innovate new and exciting ways to prepare the tastiest, healthiest food in the category.

Going Beyond Our Food

Eating healthy is only one part of living healthy. And while only you know the best way to balance your own life, Healthy Choice wants you to take on that challenge with confidence. Because whether you've led a balanced lifestyle for years or just now decided to start making some changes, we're here to help.

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